Release: VKernel Performance Analyzer 1.0

VKernel has released a new product which will become part of their vOperations Suite (the new name for the VKernel Capacity Management Suite), called Performance Analyzer.

Performance Analyzer monitors, diagnoses, and resolves performance issues in virtual environments, and therefore competes with the AliveVM functionality which VMware released last week when they announced vCenter Operations. Its clear that VKernel is seeing VMware more as a competitor than as a partner, as reported in July last year.


Performance Analyzer provides the following functionalities:

  • Root Cause analysis with recommendations about resolution
  • Identification of all VMs and datastores impacted by an issue
  • Remediation through vCenter integration
  • Bottlenecks Heat Map showing where an environemnt is experiencing resource contstraints
  • Bottleneck Drill Down Reports
  • Alarm by Virtual Object Heat Map
  • Trend Alarms
  • Resource Graphs
  • Ability to set vCenter alerts to best practices, through the vCenter Alert Auto-Configurator.
  • VKernel vOperations Suite integration features through reporting, Microsoft Active Directory integration, Business Views and vCenter folder synchronization, customizable global time frames and metrics exclusions