Paper: Microsoft RemoteFX for VDI Architectural Overview

Microsoft has released a white paper titled: Microsoft RemoteFX for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure: Architectural Overview. The paper, which contains 18 pages provides an architectural overview of RemoteFX in the context of VDI making use of the Remote Desktop Virtual Host a new role introduced with Windows Server 2008 R2 and which is designed specifically for VDI .

RemoteFX enables rich, local-like user experiences for remotely hosted virtual desktops running a media-rich Windows 7 desktop. Users experience virtual desktops in full fidelity, harnessing the graphics processing power of shared Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) and SLAT-enabled processors, installed on Hyper-V hosts. Through new capabilities built into RDP, rich visual experiences are projected from hosted virtual desktops out across an array of client device types and form factors.


The paper covers the following sections:

  • RemoteFX Overview       
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)       
  • RemoteFX Remote Desktop Virtualization Host        
  • RemoteFX Platform Architecture       
  • VDI Deployment Considerations       
  • RemoteFX Ecosystem Partners       
  • System Requirements