Release: Teradici PCoIP client firmware 3.3

Teradici is the developer of the PC-over-IP (PCoIP) remote desktop protocol, which is leveraged in software (by VMware view) and provided with Teradici hardware solutions which are OEM’ed by several vendors. Teradici now has released firmware version 3.3 for its PCoIP zero client devices and version 1.4 of it’s Management Console which it announced in April last year, providing USB peripheral, login and security enhancements.


The update provides the following enhancements:

  • USB improvements for PCoIP connections between zero clients and VMware View
    • Improved performance of USB bridging protocol
    • Support for isochronous USB devices (e.g. USB headsets, USB microphones)
    • Improved support for devices connected to the zero client through a USB hub
  • VMware View login enhancements
    • A new auto-logon mode, which allows administrators to pre-configure the user information and domain name on the zero client for automatic login
    • Support configuring the pool/desktop name when starting a session
    • Increase the number of supported desktop pools to 100
    • Support up to five Connection Server addresses on the VMware View connect screen
  • Security enhancements
    • Ability to enable/disable the web interface
    • Ability to enable/disable the local configuration menu
    • Pre-session secure authentication using RSA SecurID
  • Improved Performance
    • Improvements to audio and video synchronization for PCoIP Zero Client sessions with VMware View virtual desktops
    • Improved monitor detection and removal handling
    • New optimizations for improved bandwidth and user experience in constrained WAN environments

Especially the last enhancement is interesting, since in October last year Gartner stated that the performance of Citrix HDX was better over WAN compared to PCoIP