SolarWinds acquires Hyper9

Last week SolarWinds, a company which provides IT management software acquired Hyper9 making its move into the virtualization management market. Hyper9s Virtual Environment Optimization (VEO) solution will add optimization, capacity planning, configuration and chargeback reporting for virtualized server environments to the SolarWinds portfolio. The latest version released by Hyper9 is Virtual Environment Optimization version 3.0 which was released in November last year.

Besides announcing the acquisition of Hyper9, SolarWinds also announced the availability of Application Performance Monitor (APM), which is an monitoring application which provides visibility into the performance of IT services, the underlying application components, the operating system, and the Windows, Unix and Linux server resources on which they run.

SolarWinds already offered 2 free tools for VMware management, called VM Console which allows administrators to view, search for, take a snapshot, shutdown and restart VMs without any interaction with vCenter and VM Monitor which monitors ESX hosts health, providing statistics about the virtual machines state (vCPUs, vRAM, vNICs) and best practices thresholds to recognize performance degradation.