Release: VKernel Capacity Management Suite 2.2

VKernel has released version 2.2. of its capacity management product: Capacity Management Suite (CMS). This version is a follow up of version 2.0 which was released in September last year. CMS provides a capacity management dashboard plus VKernel Capacity Analyzer 5.1, Optimization Pack 2.1, Chargeback 3.0 and Inventory 1.0.

    New features include:

    • Integration with Microsoft Active Directory providing automated user management.
    • Increased integration with VMware vCenter, enabling launching of CMS within vCenter.
    • Inclusion of IOPS in capacity calculations.
    • Visibility into Raw Device Mappings (RDMs).
    • Enhanced capacity planning capabilities
      • Ability to add predicted capacity availability allowing insight into future state of the environment.
      • Reporting on added or deleted VMs from a host or cluster.
    • Enhanced chargeback capabilities by introducing VKernel Chargeback 3.0
      • Ability to add a custom logo in reports
      • Resource cost rates can be set at tiered levels for ESX hosts and datastores