Release: Unidesk Corporation Unidesk 1.2

´╗┐Unidesk has released version 1.2 of its CachePoint solution. This version is the follow-up of version 1.0 which was released in July this year, which is short after the company entered the VDI market in April this year. CachePoint decouples the operating system from the applications, and the applications from the user data and personalization without introducing an additional abstraction layer and file system/registry redirection like application virtualization solutions do.

CachePoint injects a file system driver inside a VDI gold master image that transparently segments in the Windows C: drive into multiple, isolated containers. Administrators can deploy one or more applications inside each container, and then containers can be assigned to multiple virtual desktops or multiple users.


New features introduced in this release:

  • VMware View 4.5 integration, from within the Unidesk interface administrators can create VMware View pools, add desktops to it and entitle users to these pools.
  • Non-persistent desktops, when a user logs off a non-persistent desktop, all user changes made during the session are deleted, and the VM is returned to a known “good” state.
  • Pano Logic 3.5 integration, from within the Unidesk interface, administrators can directly provision new virtual desktops into Pano collections .
  • VDI on local storage, so that IT administrators can provision and update virtual desktops on direct-attached storage, ensuring complete recoverability in the event of a local host or storage failure.
  • Enhanced LDAP support, providing the ability to search LDAP directories, like Microsoft Active Directory and Novell eDirectory to locate users for desktop and application assignment.

Update: We were informed by Tom Rose, the Chief Marketing Officer of Unidesk Corporation that the official name for this product isn’t CachePoint but Unidesk as well, so officially the product is called Unidesk Corporation Unidesk version 1.2. The radar has been updated to reflect this.