Veeam announces RC of nworks Smart Plug-In for VMware version 5.6

    Veeam has made available a Release Candidate of version 5.6. of its nworks Smart Plug-In (SPI) for VMware. The nworks SPI for VMware is part of the Veeam ONE solution for VMware management and provides distributed monitoring and management of VMware infrastructures which integrates into HP Operations Manager. General availability is expected within 60 days.

    New features coming in this release:

    • Support for HP Operations Manager on Linux (OML), making it available for the complete portfolio of HP Operations Manager (running on top of Unix, Linux and Windows)
    • Monitoring and reporting for new metrics:
      • Memory compression to monitor the latest enhancement to VMware’s memory over-commit technology in vCenter Server 4.1
      • Disk queue latency to allow increased visibility of resource bottlenecks in ESX storage subsystems
      • Snapshot age monitoring to alert the IT team to forgotten snapshots that are consuming valuable storage space and degrading performance of virtual machines


    Pricing is €607 ($690) per CPU socket for the nworks SPI, which is a freestanding solution and €748 ($850) per CPU socket for the nworks SPI Plus, which is the version which integrates into Veeam ONE.