Gartner details the six misconceptions about server virtualization

Thomas Bittman, analyst at Gartner published an article in CIO UK Magazine covering six misconceptions about server virtualization.

He states that there will be more virtual machines deployed on servers during 2011 than in 2001 through 2009 combined and that by next year, the penetration of server virtualization in midsize companies with between 100 and 1,000 employees will exceed that of the Global 500.

He covers the following misconceptions, stating that these mistaken beliefs can lead to poor investment and planning decisions:

1: Server virtualisation is not as hot as it once was

2: Server virtualisation is mainly for large organisations

3: Server virtualisation saves money

4: Server virtualisation is a commodity decision

5: Virtualisation is an IT thing

6: VMware Has little competition in the server virtualisation market