Lecture at VirtualDays 2010

November 17 (in Milan) and November 24 (in Bologna) I’ll be at the VirtualDays 2010 conference, performing the opening keynote about the state of the virtualization industry and the emerging trends.

In20 already hosted a VirtualDays event in Florence, which has been pretty successful considering it was at the end of July.
Compared to that event, the one in Milan tomorrow will have a different format, with the presentations taking place in the late afternoon, with an evening cocktail at the end to do some networking.

During the afternoon the three major virtualization players will introduce their vision: looking at the agenda for tomorrow, it seems that VMware will have a primary focus on private cloud computing, that Citrix will be all about desktop virtualization, while Microsoft may have a broader vision about IT management in general to communicate.

If you plan to attend feel free to stop by after the lecture.