Release: InstallFree Bridge 2.1

InstallFree announced that it now supports Virtual Applications on Windows 7 64-bit editions for it’s Bridge and 7bridge products , eSchool News reports.

Bridge is a product to create autonomous virtual applications, which don’t require an agent on the target OS to run. The product is capable of updating and patching those applications without the need to repackage the application. With the release of version 2.0 the company announced support for Windows 7, which is now extended to Windows 7 64-bit editions as well as of version which is now Generally Available.

7bridge is a product which can solve application compatibility issues for applications running directly on Windows 7. It does so by addressing the root cause, which could be system and component dependencies, OS security enhancements and UAC and Internet Explorer conflicts . By using automatic mitigation, 7bridge is able to let the incompatible application run on Windows 7. The product is now also extended to support Windows 7 64-bit editions.

"…Now, customers can run virtual instances of 32-bit legacy applications, such as Internet Explorer 6 and 7 on Windows 7 64-bit, removing a huge impediment for adopting a 64-bit OS. Running in an isolated virtual environment, InstallFree virtual applications prevent conflicts with the OS and other applications, while still providing full interconnectivity, natural end-user experience and centralized management by IT…"