Lanamark releases a Terminal Services Analysis Pack for its Suite 2010

Just yesterday Lanamark released a new addition to its Suite 2010, launched in March. Called Terminal Services Analysis Pack, it extends the Lanamark capacy planning platform to gather detailed user access, bandwidth consumption, application usage and terminal server performance metrics.
It work with hosted applications and hosted shared desktops in Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop, as well as Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS) environments.


With more than one capacity planning product, and a new partnership with competitors like Liquidware Labs, support for VMware View and its Teradici PCoIP remote desktop protocol is not exactly a priority at Lanamark. It’s clear that the company is investing its effort in becoming the best possible acquisition target for Citrix or Microsoft, and it’s a good idea as both definitively miss a robust capacity management component in their virtual infrastructures.

Looking at the components released so far, it’s evident that Lanamark is working to provide a unified view of the workloads in the data center, regardless of their platform. 
The capability to analyze applications on physical, virtual and terminal environments makes the startup an interesting target also for infrastructure management vendors, like CA or HP.

It’s worth to note that, like other Analysis Packs, this one too is available only for the Lanamark Suite Services Edition. The company always targeted IT Service Providers but in May it announced another edition, Suite Express, available free of charge for end-users. The free edition lacks of advanced planning capabilities and acts primarily as an assets discovery product.