Release: VMware vCenter Configuration Manager version 5.3

VMware has made available version 5.3 of its vCenter Configuration Manager (vCM) product. VMware Configuration Manager is one of the products which was part of the Ionix infrastructure, which VMware acquired from its parent company EMC in March this year. EMC acquired the product in June 2009 from ConfigureSoft which at that time was called Server Configuration Manager.
vCM is a system compliance management tool. vCM can work across virtual and physical servers and desktops, ensuring compliance by collecting, fixing, provisioning and managing configurations.

VMware vCenter Configuration Manager
vCenter Configuration Manager 5.3. introduces the following new features:
•        Application provisioning (Windows software packaging, installation and removal)
•        vSphere Client plug-in with vSM actions and enhanced dashboards
•        Windows custom information: an extensible mechanism for Data Inspection for Windows and vCenter using PowerShell.
•        Extended platform support for Novell SUSE and VMware vSphere/vCenter
•        Automated remediation of UNIX/Linux/Mac OS X file/directory ownership and permissions configuration issues using the vCM compliance engine.
Besides that, VMware has now rebranded all of the products to its new product name, and will continue to further integrate the product into the vCenter product family.