AppZero announces recapitalization and a new chairman

In March 2009 the Canadian application virtualization startup Trigence, launched in 2006, changed its name in AppZero.
In its history the company remained under the radar most of the time, even after the brand identity refresh.

Last week AppZero announced a new recapitalization and a new chairman.

Nigel Stokes, former CEO and chairman of DataMirror (acquired by IBM in July 2007), has become the controlling and majority investor.

Meanwhile the company lost pretty much its entire executive team: two CEOs (Chuck Colford and David Roth), the CFO (Walter MacDonald), the CTO (Donn Rochette), the COO (John Hamilton), the Vice President of Worldwide Sales & Business Development (Mark Yohai), the Director of Strategic Channel Partners (Chris Dodunski).
Some of them, like the CFO and the COO, left after less than one year.

As Trigence, the company raised $1.6M in angel and seed funding, $5.5M in Round A and another $8M in is Round B funding.