VMTurbo unveils its capacity management solution for vSphere – UPDATED

In April virtualization.info covered the soft launch of a very interesting stealth startup called VMTurbo.

Without unveiling its product, the company promised a solution that could automate virtual infrastructures following constrains dictated by capacity management and platform optimization engines.
At that time, the VMTurbo’s Product Marketing and Business Development Manager John Gannon said:

…we are absolutely providing capacity management functionality in our product but we’re also addressing the issues of (automated) bottleneck prevention and remediation, workload balancing, rightsizing, and power management at the same time…

Now the company has finally unveiled more details about its offering and the product seems really articulated.

The VMTurbo platform is made by three components: Observe, Advise and Automate.

Observe is a performance monitoring engine.


Advise is a capacity management engine that applies to the Observe data economic scheduling algorithms, calculating how to reallocate the virtual infrastructure resources based on supply and demand. Additionally, it recommends when additional hardware should be added, or when to activate Storage vMotion.
Because Advise is a capacity management and not just a capacity planning engine, it runs continuously, adjusting its recommendations in real-time.

Automate is an orchestration engine which execute the Advise recommended optimizations. It can migrate virtual machines across hosts, clusters and data centers to balance the workloads or to shut down underutilized hardware for power saving. It can also modify the virtual hardware for each virtual machine by adding or removing vCPUs and vRAM.

The three pieces are delivered through a single virtual appliance.
While the first version of the product only supports VMware platforms, VMTurbo already plans support for additional hypervisors.

The company seems about to launch an early access program, so stay tuned for additional reports about VMTurbo.

Update: VMTurbo is also working on a fourth module called Plan that could be announced in the near future.
virtualization.info has a couple of screenshots:




The virtualization.info Virtualization Industry Radar has been updated accordingly.