Veeam launches Monitor 5.0 beta

Immediately after the release of VMware vSphere 4.1, Veeam announced opened a public beta program for its new Monitor 5.0.

The company released version 4.0 exactly one year ago, introducing storage, hardware and process monitoring.
The new version sports a new dashboard, over 100 pre-defined thresholds and alarms linked to a knowledge base, the capability to monitor logical disk space and snapshots, and of course the support for vSphere 4.1. This last thing means that Monitor is now able to report about completely new things like:

  • NFS usage
  • Storage paths and storage adapters (including load balancing status, I/O, latency, and read/write rates)
  • Virtual disks: including I/O, latency, and read/write rates
  • Power usage of ESX/ESXi hosts
  • Memory Compression


Veeam plans to release Monitor 5.0 later this quarter at the prices of $250 per socket.
And exactly like for the previous versions, there will be a free edition.

An interesting detail is that the product is now called Monitor for VMware, meaning that Veeam is probably preparing to offer a version for other virtual infrastructures.
The move wouldn’t surprise too much considering the potential threat that VMware Data Recovery represents and the past issues between Veeam and VMware around support for ESXi.