Release: Quest/Vizioncore vOptimizer 3.0

After vConverter, Vizioncore finally updates another product of its portfolio: vOptimizer.

Sometimes in the H1 2007 Quest Software acquired the US startup Invirtus, merging its offering with the Vizioncore’s one in September of the same year, and turning Invirtus VM Optimizer into Vizioncore vOptimizer.

Vizioncore released just one major update of vOptimizer at that time: version 4.0.
The product was then renamed as vOptimizer Pro 2.0 in early 2009.
It received a further, minor update in June 2009, introducing a new infrastructure scanning capability.

vOptimizer Pro reaches today version 3.0, which sports support for Linux virtual machines (Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.3 and 5.4 only at this point) and thin provisioned virtual machines. Pricing is set at $299.

The way Vizioncore shaped the marketing message clarifies how the company is going VKernel with this product. This shouldn’t surprise much considering that vFoglight too is in direct competition with the VKernel offering.