Announcing first appeared online September 11, 2003. Over the last seven years, we’ve tracked the birth and the evolution of a completely new, billion dollar market, the rise and fall of over 100 vendors, and the mainstream adoption of this disruptive technology that is virtualization.
In doing so, has been visited by millions of readers, from all continents, from all industries. Today most Fortune 500 and Global Fortune 2000 companies read our daily news, along with hundreds of thousands of smaller firms all around the globe, from US to Japan (did you know that Japan visits JP more than UK visits EN?).

The evolution of this market is all but complete.
Virtual infrastructures can mature in so many different areas, from orchestration to security, that we really have just started. While the industry continues to make progress in these segments, and prepares to enter the next big phase with application virtualization, another completely new, billion dollar market is forming these days: cloud computing.
We want to track the birth and evolution of this market in the same way we did for virtualization. So today announces a sister publication:

virtualizationinfo cloudcomputinginfo

While will continue to track hardware, OS and application virtualization technologies, will focus on the Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), the Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) markets.
There will be some overlap around the IaaS market, as IaaS clouds are built on top of virtual infrastructures, and so you’ll see some cross-posting between the two sites.
Beyond that, will expand our coverage, discussing new vendors and technologies that didn’t find a place here so far.

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We hope you’ll enjoy our expanded coverage at Thanks to everyone for their support of over the last seven years!

P.s.: Just in case you are wondering:

  1. we are hiring writers, for both publications. If you are interested please send a resume and a writing sample.
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