Dell loses another Data Center Virtualization Practice Executive

After the departure of Ron Oglesby, now in Unidesk, Dell loses another key member of its virtualization team: Paul Rad.

Rad has been at Dell for more than 10 years. During this timeframe he covered multiple roles, including the Chief Architect of the first Dell | VMware | EMC Virtualization reference architecture in collaboration with Ed Bugnon and Dino Cicciarelli, before EMC acquires VMware in 2003.

In his last position, Data Center Virtualization Practice Executive, he developed intellectual property (including patents about virtualization and clustering solutions) and led the virtualization practice.

Rad already landed at Rackspace, as its new Vice President of Technology and CTO of Enterprise Cloud Division.

Considering the totally absent vision about virtualization and cloud computing that Michael Dell declined on stage at the Citrix Synergy 2010 conference in San Francisco in May it doesn’t surprise much that Dell is losing key members of the team.