VMware launches two new courses: Manage and Design for Security and Transition to ESXi

Last week VMware announced two new classroom courses for the vSphere training path. The first is Manage and Design for Security. The second is Transition to ESXi.

Manage for Design and Security, available as a 3-days live classroom course, teaches how to secure the virtual networking layer, the vCenter Server management layer, the ESX/ESXi platform layer and the virtual machines virtual hardware layer. The course also introduces the discipline of configuration and change management in the last module, which is an extremely welcome addition.

Transition to ESXi instead, a 2-days live classroom course, teaches how the ESXi environment works compared to the ESX Console Operating System (COS) and how to perform the typical management tasks.
It also guides the student in setting up large-scale deployments and advanced management through the scripting interfaces.

Thanks to NTPRO.NL for the news.