Trend Micro to offer an optimized version of its antivirus for VDI

At the past Synergy 2010 conference, in mid May, Citrix and McAfee announced a partnership to deliver new security products for XenDesktop, XenServer and XenClient.

Part of this partnership involves the launch of a new, optimized version of the McAfee antivirus that reduces the security endpoints’ footprint and schedules its scanning and signature update activities in a way that the hypervisor is not overloaded by too many concurrent I/O activities.

Just last week Trend Micro announced an upcoming release of its own antivirus, OfficeScan 10.5, that should offer similar optimizations.

OfficeScan 10.5 will support Citrix XenDesktop and VMware View VDI platforms and will be available in July, at the price of $20 per user and $8 per user for VDI-aware capability (for 1,000 seats).