Release: VMware Data Recovery 1.2

In November 2009 VMware released version 1.1 of its disk & file backup/restore solution for guest operating system dubbed Data Recovery. The company released last week a new minor update.

Data Recovery 1.2 (build 260251) introduces a major new feature: the File Level Restore (FLR) support for Linux guest OSes.

The new build also introduces a few enhancements to the vSphere Client plug-in but the most important one probably is that now each vCenter Server can support up to 10 Data Recovery virtual appliances.
And of course the build solves a long list of bugs.

While the product is slowly improving from a technology standpoint, VMware continues to avoid promoting it, maybe because it’s not mature enough to compete with the well established solutions from PHD Virtual, Veeam and Vizioncore, or maybe because it doesn’t want to disturb too much these partners and push them into the arms of Microsoft and Citrix.