Release: VKernel Optimization Pack 1.4

In July 2009 VKernel released the betas of three new monitoring tools called Wastefinder, Rightsizer and Inventory.

Wastefinder is able to recognize the resources (storage, memory and CPU) wasted by inactive virtual machines, Rightsizer can recommend how to change the VMs virtual hardware according to their usage over time, and Inventory tracks the provision of new VMs, generating a report about the status of the inventory.

The three tools are being sold since then as a single package called Optimization Pack.

Over time VKernel released three minor updates for it, introducing valuable features like a monetary evaluation of the resource recovered after the Wastefinder analysis.

Today the product hits version 1.4 featuring a more scalable architecture that supports the monitoring of more than 2,000 virtual machines across multiple VMware vCenter Servers.