Propalms enters the VDI market (for the 3th time now)

It’s with a lot of skepticism that today we reports about the Propalms entrance in the VDI space.

The company announced the same identical thing in January 2008.
At that time the pitched product was Virtual Desktop Manager, expected to arrive as a module of the flagship solution called TSE.

Virtual Desktop Manager was indeed included as part of TSE 6.0 beta, bringing in support for Microsoft Virtual Server and VMware ESX, but for some mysterious reason it only supported VMware Server inside TSE 6.0 GA.

With just VMware Server support, Propalms didn’t even bother to promote its connection broker and in fact failed to attract any interest from customers.

The company tried again in July 2008, re-announcing its entrance in the VDI space and the upcoming availability of a Propalms VDI stand-alone solution. This new product was expected for the end of 2009 but it never came out.

Now Propalms is back. For the third time.

The product is still called Propalms VDI but, surprise, it only supports Parallels Virtuozzo Containers. No trace of hardware virtualization platforms.

Customers may expect that after so many delays the companies is finally announcing the availability of this connection broker, instead the press announcement doesn’t even mention a potential release date.

At this point, the company has a lot to do to demonstrate the value of its (hopefully real) solution and regain the trust of potential customers. Unfortunately for ProPalms, the market is crowded with alternatives.