Fortisphere officially out of business – UPDATED

In the last few weeks received unconfirmed rumors that the US startup Fortisphere was in difficult financial conditions and that part of its assets was ready to be liquidated.

Today there are a number of confirmations that that company may be indeed out of business.

First of all Fortisphere lost its CEO, Siki Giunta, who joined the company just in July 2009.
Before Fortisphere, Giunta has been in Novell as Vice President of Business Development for just nine months, but she’s primarily known for its leadership at Managed Objects, where she has been President and CEO for more than nine years.
Now Giunta is at CSC as its new Vice President of Cloud Computing and Software Services.

A number of other Fortisphere executives left the company during the first quarter 2010, including Dave Capuano, its former Chief Product Officer who is now at Vovici as Vice President of Marketing, and Stacey Justice, its former Director of Marketing who is now at Harmony Information Systems as Marketing Communications Director.

The list goes on and one, and includes the Vice President of Sales, the Senior Director of Business Development, the Director of Engineering, and many more.

Last but not least, at the moment of writing the Fortisphere’s website is down.
That’s probably enough to claim the company out of business.

Update: An anonymous source informed that the Fortisphere assets have been sold to Red Hat for less than $1M.
While extremely interesting, cannot confirm the information at the moment.