Release: VKernel AppVIEW 1.0

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At the beginning of March VKernel released an interesting free tool called Capacity View.

The idea is to provide an extremely simple dashboard for Windows that summarizes the virtual infrastructure elements, the resources allocation and the amount of alerts that VMware vCenter is raising at any given moment.

This is not something that VMware administrators can’t have in other ways, but the value is in the way the data is presented, which makes information access faster.

Last week VKernel decided to use the same approach to solve another problem: understanding what’s happening inside the virtual machines.

The free dashboard AppVIEW 1.0 in fact displays information about just five virtual machines, listing the status of applications inside them over a month period:

AppVIEW10 Basically, AppVIEW uses the VKernel Capacity Analyzer engine to evaluate and present potential CPU, memory, disk and storage I/O bottlenecks by collecting 30 days of performance stats.
If the administrator wants to know more, or want to fix the issue, he’s invited to download and evaluate Capacity Analyzer.