Release: Enomaly Elastic Computing Platform 3.2 Service Provider and High Assurance editions

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The interest around Enomaly and its management console for Xen and KVM, Elastic Computing Platform (ECP) is rising as Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud computing continues to be pushed forward by the large majority of IT vendors.
Earlier this month, the product has been featured in an Intel guide titled Intel Cloud Builder Guide to Cloud Design and Deployment on Intel Xeon Processor-based Platforms.

Enomaly just released two new editions of ECP 3.2, one for service providers and one for high-security environments.

The first, dubbed Service Provider Edition (SPE), introduces a number of new features. The most important one probably is the inclusion of new APIs for disk management.
ECP 3.2 SPE also introduces the capability to create new virtual machines from ISO images offered by the service provider and not just from existing templates.

The second instead, dubbed High Assurance Edition (HAE), introduces support for Intel Trusted Execution Technology (TXT).