Teradici launches a management console for PCoIP devices

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Despite a tight business partnership, Teradici continued to operate independently after the September 2008 deal with VMware.
The company even secured a Series C round of funding staking $43.3M.

After a long focus on the software-only implementation of PCoIP for View 4.0, Teradici launches a new product on its own: PCoIP Management Console.

The product is able to perform a number of tasks on PCoIP-powered thin clients, which several vendors OEM from Teradici:

  • Graphically view PCoIP device status and connection information
  • Assign static connection between host and zero client devices
  • Access and update the configuration of all PCoIP devices
  • Manage devices individually or by group
  • Update device firmware to enable new functionality
  • View device log files
  • Manage over 2000 PCoIP devices from a single instance


The product is available at no cost from Teradici partners, so it will be quite interesting to see if VMware will offer it as well and if it will be integrated in some ways with the management console of upcoming View versions.