VMware to launch a new training course about automation

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Eric Sloof at NTPRO.NL yesterday revealed that VMware is about to launch a new classroom course dubbed vSphere 4: Automation.

The training course should be fully focused on virtual infrastructure automation through PowerShell cmdlets offered by the VMware PowerCLI:

  • Identify VMware vSphere PowerCLI cmdlets
  • Identify how to obtain help with vSphere PowerCLI cmdlets
  • Automate ESX/ESXi host storage and network configuration
  • Automate virtual machine provisioning
  • Automate virtual machine migration
  • Automate cluster configuration
  • Create reports with vSphere PowerCLI

While very interesting, it would be even better if a vSphere class about automation would also include extended training about the vCenter Orchestrator framework, mostly because it comes for free with all editions of vSphere.