Tool: xvp 1.5

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xvp (aka Xen VNC Proxy) is a suite of open source programs for managing Citrix XenServer or Xen Cloud Platform (XCP) virtual machines developed by Colin Dean.

The console allows to operate and access virtual machines through a browser (no matter if it runs on Linux, Mac OS or Windows), and to migrate VMs across hosts in the same pool.


Quite interestingly, all operations are delivered through the VNC protocol: xvp doesn’t just use it for remotely viewing virtual machines console, it also uses it to control VMs status.
This is possible through custom extensions to the RFB protocol (which is the foundation of VNC).
The Java VNC viewer is cross-platform and is based on TightVNC.


xvp 1.5, released last week, comes as a preconfigured virtual appliance (powered by 64bit CentOS 5) which can be deployed on any virtual infrastructure that supports the XVA format.