Logica no more in the VMware vCloud Express program, why?

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At the beginning of January virtualization.info published a lengthy article describing the VMware approach to cloud computing. The piece mentioned the vCloud Express beta program and the first five hosting provided selected to offer it worldwide.

The only European provider selected by VMware was Logica.
The company’s website promoted its participation in the following way (our emphasis):

Logica vCloud Express provides a reliable test and development on demand service on a Pay-as-You-Go model. It is a part of the Logica Real Time Infrastructure Services solution (RTIS), built on the same robust and reliable shared infrastructure platforms used for supporting business critical applications for Logica’s outsourcing customers.

vCloud Express is a partnership between Logica and VMware and is a first step in the vCloud initiative that Logica started in September 2008. This means that Logica, as GSI (Global System Integrator) partner, has been chosen to be one of the initial partners to participate in the vCloudExpress Initiative.

Logica has been chosen to be the first partner in EMEA to host and develop this solution…

But at a point in time Logica removed this web page and every reference about the vCloud Express beta has been removed (even from their search index). 
Logica doesn’t even appear anymore on the VMware page about vCloud Express, where the list of feature providers is shows.

The four ones that remain still offer the product in beta or limited beta (last week virtualization.info reported that BlueLock just postponed the GA launch).

Apparently then, Europe doesn’t have a single firm offering the VMware cloud computing platform, not even in limited beta.

Thanks to Sid for the tip.