Cisco breaks VMmark record for 2 sockets systems with UCS, announces over 400 customers

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Yesterday Cisco published the first VMware VMmark benchmark obtained with its Unified Computing System blade platform B250 M2 and VMware vSphere 4.0 Update 1.

The B250 M2 machine, powered by the just released Intel Xeon quad-core X5680 CPUs (codename Westmere) at 3.33GHz and 192GB RAM, scored 35.83 with 26 tiles, a 42% increase over the previous best result obtained by Fujitsu with the RX300 S5 and VMware vSphere 4.0: 25.16 with 17 tiles.

The full configuration of this B250 M2 is described here.

CRN reports that new UCS systems with the impressive Intel Xeon 5600 CPUs, used for this benchmark, will be available in April. 

Cisco also announced that it has over 400 customers for UCS, and that “most of them” are using it in production.