Release: Liquidware Labs Stratosphere 4.5.4

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Just one week after the release of Stratosphere 4.5.3, the US startup Liquidware Labs announces version 4.5.4.

In this build the company included an Application Virtualization Assessment feature clarifying that its interest goes beyond hardware virtualization and VDI.

With the new capability, Stratusphere 4.5.4 can build an application inventory by assessing physical desktops and laptops.
The inventory includes the following information:

  • Executable size
  • System services installed and used per application
  • Device drivers installed per application
  • Total number of application users
  • Average launch delay (application load time)
  • Application usage (total and average time)
  • Application resource requirements (total and average CPU, memory, IO)

Basically Liquidware Labs is betting on the advent of application virtualization as a mainstream technology, something that doesn’t seem to happen anytime soon.
It’s not the only one. A few weeks ago another startup, Lanamark, silently introduced a similar feature which completely passed under the radars.