Lanamark extends its offering to include capacity planning as a service

lanamark logo

Lanamark is a Canadian startup that entered the capacity planning market in June 2008. It is led by Mark Angelo, coming from PlateSpin and VMLogix.

Compared to most of its competitors, Lanamark offers a hosted capacity planning suite that is available only to its partners.
VMware is the only other company in this space that restrict the usage of its hosted Capacity Planner to the channel.

So far the Lanamark platform has been available only on a project-basis: a PSO requires access to the Suite to complete a certain project, like a desktop virtualization assessment, and it’s charged accordingly. Any new activity on the same customers site required to start a new project.

This week the startup introduced a second, parallel access model, called Lanamark Suite Managed Services Edition, which basically allows to use the platform on continuous basis, regardless of how many activities happen within a site and how much time passes between them.

There are no limitations for this subscription-based edition: it continues to support multiple hypervisors from VMware, Microsoft and Citrix, and it continues to work for server consolidation, desktop consolidation (aka VDI) or storage consolidation.