Parallels loses its Senior Vice President of business development – UPDATED

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At the beginning of December 2009, Parallels lost one of its highest executives: Kurt Daniel, who was the Senior Vice President of the Online Business department and in charge for worldwide marketing, business development and corporate development.

Daniel spent five years at Parallels. He is now the COO of a Web 2.0 startup called WorkLight.

The press announcement released by his new employer and his LinkedIn profile, reveal some interesting information about the Parallels financial status: over $100M profitable annual revenue and over 1.5M customers worldwide.

Update: Parallels contacted and clarified that Daniel actually left the company in January 2009. His position wasn’t replaced but the company built a new marketing team over the year and hired Kerry McGowne as their new Vice President of Corporate Marketing.

McGowne was the VP of Corporate Marketing at ServiceSource before joining Parallels in September 2009, and before that he was the Director of Executive Communications and Director of Platform Strategy and Marketing at Microsoft.