Release: Citrix Workflow Studio 2.0.1

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Just before the Christmas break, Citrix released a minor update for its orchestration framework Workflow Studio.

The new version 2.0.1. doesn’t introduce any change in the product but extends the existing activity libraries and delivers a couple of new ones.
Here’s the extended/new libraries about virtualization:

  • [NEW] Citrix XenDesktop Activity Library
    • Activities that create, delete, and retrieve desktop definitions and manage desktop groups.
  • [EXTENDED] Citrix XenServer Activity Library 
    • Automate the process of taking snapshots, backing up VMs, and backing up VM metadata for site migration and disaster recovery scenarios.
    • Automate the installation and update of tools on guest VMs.
  • [EXTENDED] Citrix XenApp Activity Library
    Now includes activities that support automated application streaming packaging and application management.

On top of that Citrix also made available a new library to automate the Xen-based virtual machines that live in the Amazon EC2 cloud computing platform:

  • Bundle Instance – bundles an instance within Amazon EC2 (using S3)
  • Create Security Group – creates a new security group
  • Delete Security Group – deletes a security group
  • Get AMIs – returns a list of all the registered AMIs
  • Get Instances – returns a list of all the instances currently running
  • Launch Instance – launches a new instance (or instances) of the specified AMI
  • Terminate Instance – terminates one or more instances