Citrix added over 35K new customers in 2009, plans to deliver over 100K virtual desktops for 2010

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While addressing the nth skeptic article about the destiny of XenServer, the Citrix CTO of Virtualization and Management division Simon Crosby provided some details about the company’s performance in 2009 and its plans for 2010.

Specifically, Citrix added over 35,000 new customers this year (it’s not clear how many of them bought XenDesktop and how many just XenServer) and plans to serve over 100,000 virtual desktops for next year.

With these numbers Crosby clarifies once again that Citrix has no interest in dropping XenServer to adopt Hyper-V and limit itself to deliver XenDesktop and Essentials for the Microsoft hypervisor.

Chris Wolf too, Senior Analyst at Burton Group, answered the article above, and his tweet seems to suggest that the upcoming version of XenServer will highlight the commitment on the product:

RT @aebarrett: VMW will cut prices, CTX will give up on XenServer <- 1 for 2 ain't bad. even Nostradamus wasn't perfect
8:50 AM Dec 22nd from TweetDeck

RT @mreferre: RT @aebarrett: Citrix give up on XenServer: <- I thought they did already <-next release will change your mind
8:53 AM Dec 22nd from TweetDeck