Release: Hyper9 Virtual Environment Optimization 2.0

hyper9 logo

The startup Hyper9 (in a previous life InovaWave) released last week the second version of its flagship product.

The company can’t stop to rename it: from VI Search and Analytics (before launch) to just Hyper9 to Virtualization Optimization Suite (VOS) to, now, Virtual Environment Optimization (VEO).

Along with the name, also the product focus seems to be changing. 
Version 1.0 was launched in March as the definitive on-premises search engine for virtual infrastructures, showing many similarities with the well respected Splunk.
Version 2.0, launched last week, is extending in many areas, from performance tracking to capacity planning to configuration management:

The product has some real potential. It must be seen how well the company will leverage the search engine to compete with more mature products in the segments above.