Release: XenoCode Virtual Application Studio 2010

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Eight months after its previous major release, XenoCode is ready to launch its new application virtualization platform: Virtual Application Studio 2010.

This new edition seems more consistent than the previous one, introducing some must-have features and welcome additions:

  • Capability to define expiration date (time bomb) on virtual applications
  • Capability to create a single virtual application package for multiple target operating systems
  • Capability to publish virtual applications online on the XenoCode content deliver network (CDN) Silver Spoon
  • Support for Windows 7

XenoCode may be the first application virtualization vendor to support Windows 7 (if not, comments are welcome).

The web publishing feature is specially interesting, considering that it works also with Microsoft. NET, JAVA and Adobe AIR applications, without the need for users to have these frameworks installed.
To speed up the application launch over the Internet, Spoon automatically identifies a prefetch consisting of the components of the app which must be loaded in order for the user to start using the app. The prefetch is generally around 10% of the total app size, though this can vary considerably depending on the behavior of the specific app. Once the prefetch is transferred, the app launches immediately.

XenoCode is not yet a trusted Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) cloud computing provider, and the amount of information the company shares about the Silver Spoon facility is too scarce to jump on the bandwagon.
But the price may be very attractive for some: