Ericom launches its own RDP enhancement: Blaze

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Just in case you don’t fill overwhelmed by dozen of proprietary remote desktop protocols and RDP enhancements, here’s a new one: Ericom Blaze.

The company launched it last month, claiming impressive performance:

  • RDP compression up to 98%
  • graphics-rich content 10-25 times faster than RDP
  • RDP bandwidth consumption by up to 25 times

Clearly Blaze is not a new protocol but rather an RDP enhancement that can compete against the Quest/Provision Networks Experience Optimization Pack (EOP).

Blaze works with Windows XP, Vista and 7 virtual desktops. Support for Linux and Mac OS X VMs should arrive within the end of this month. Anyway its use is not limited to VDI scenarios.
Interestingly, Ericom clarifies that it requires a CPU with support for the MMX instruction set.

Right now Blaze supports the Ericom PowerTerm connection brokers and VMware View (Linux client only, Windows client support is expected later during this Q4).