VMware won’t release its client hypervisor before H1 2010

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The VMworld 2009 conference ended yesterday, an amazing experience as usual.
virtualization.info already covered the two opening keynotes (day 1 and day 2) plus a special closed-doors keynote about cloud computing.
Like every year will publish a long wrap-up with the impressions about the show in one week or so.

Before leaving San Francisco anyway, in a pure Steve Jobs style, there’s one more thing.

During a small press briefing at VMworld the company CTO Steve Herrod answered questions about several aspects of the company strategy including a brand new one about when the company plans to release its client hypervisor.

Herrod said that the VMware Client Virtualization Platform (CVP) won’t be released before H1 2010.
He didn’t add anything to this but the impression was more about a launch in Q2. And anyway he didn’t clarify if that was the date for the beta or the GA code.

So, unless VMware is trying to surprise its competitors, this means that Citrix will arrive earlier with its free XenClient, which is expected for GA at the end of this year.

The client hypervisor is a critical piece in any next generation virtual desktop infrastructures.
Along with View 4.0 and the software version of the Teradici PCoIP protocol, CVP is a key building block of the VMware VDI 2.0 platform.
Any mistake in the execution will inevitably compromise the confidence in VDI, postponing a broader adoption. VMware is investing a lot in its VDI strategy and may want to be extra careful about CVP.
This may be the reason why the company preferred to not show too much about it during this VMworld.