Quest rearranges the Vizioncore leadership, invests in cloud computing

vizioncore logo

Last week Vizioncore announced a couple of interesting changes around its executive team.

Jason Mattox is now appointed as Vice President of Support, while Tyler Jewell becomes the Vice President of Products.

Mattox is the co-founder of Vizioncore while Jewell is a long time Quest executive.

The latter joined the Vizioncore parent company in May 2005 and was the Senior Director in charge of  several business units inside Quest in the last four years.
His new position as Vice President of Products, Virtualization sounds like a major Quest take over on the Vizioncore product line and strategy, which operated as a fully independent subsidiary since its acquisition in January 2008.

The Jewell profile on LinkedIn reveals also another key information: Vizioncore made some investments in the cloud computing space.

I work on product planning and investment strategies for Quest corporate and as the VP, products for Vizioncore, a subsidiary.
Accountable for vFoglight, vRanger Pro, vConverter, vReplicator, vOptimizer Pro, vMigrator, vControl, Storage Horizon, SCOM MP, and some cloud investments.

Jewell has been responsible for the Quest merge & acquisition strategy so far at Quest, so it’s very lilkely that Quest has acquired some cloud startups that will incorporated into the Vizioncore product line over the near term.