Propalms announces (again) its entrance in the VDI market

propalms logo

Propalms is a US company focused on the server based computing (SBC) market. Like many others in this space, it has the ambition to get a piece of the VDI pie as soon as it will become the new mainstream use of hardware virtualization.

The company joined the VMware Technology Alliance Partner Program in April 2007.
In January 2008 it announced for the first time its intention to enter the VDI market in 2008.
It didn’t quite happen: after no less than 8 more months its flagship product, TSE 6.0, was able to act as a connection broker but only with VMware Server.
The company didn’t even bother to include the information in the press announcement.  

Now Propalms is back and announces again its entrance in the VDI market.
This time there will be a dedicated product called Propalms VDI, which is planned some time this year.
Hopefully this time will be for real.