Symantec releases a SDK for its new Workspace Streaming 6.1

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The long awaited new virtualization platform that Symantec is developing since over one year, Endpoint Virtualization Suite (EVS), is still in Release Candidate phase, but its general availability may be imminent.

The company has in fact released the SDK for one of the suite components: Workspace Streaming, the application streaming technology that Symantec acquired from AppStream in April 2008.

Jacob Hammons, a Technical Writer at Symantec, clarifies some details about the SDK:

Since the SDK uses WSDL and web services, you don’t need to be an advanced programmer to use it (I’m definitely not!). You can let your development tool do the heavy lifting by generating proxy classes, then you can access the Streaming functionality the same as any other library (you can even rely entirely on intellisense like I do). This is a big change from the days when you needed C or Java experience to write to a product’s SDK.

So, what exactly can you do with the SDK? You can assign applications to users, update package values and provisions, view current sessions, generate reports, and about every other task you perform in your day-to-day management. More importantly, you can integrate these tasks into self-service portals, scripts, and workflow tools to save time.