Virtualization Congress 2009: the Speakers, the Agenda and the Panels

Here we go. In just one week we’ll have the first edition of the’s Virtualization Congress in Las Vegas, at the MGM Hotel, in co-location with the Citrix Synergy 2009.

I think we are safe to say that the list of speakers we lined up for the event is remarkable.

Some of the biggest and most respected names in the virtualization community will speak on stage about planning, designing, implementing and maintaining virtual infrastructures.

The Virtualization Congress line-up includes professionals like:

  • Brian Madden (one of the most accredited expert worldwide in desktop and presentation virtualization)
  • Christofer Hoff (the leading, independent voice about security in virtualization and top virtualization blogger in 2008 for
  • Mike DiPetrillo (the reckless and straight-forward unofficial voice of VMware, another top virtualization blogger in 2008 for
  • Richard Jones (a top analyst from one of the most concrete firms tracking the virtualization space today, the Burton Group)
  • Ron Oglesby (author of the best-seller book VMware Infrastructure 3 Advanced Technical Design Guide)
  • Ruben Spruijt (one of the most respected voices in the application virtualization market, thanks to his independent comparisons about features and performance of the leading products in this space)
  • Scott Lowe (top virtualization blogger of 2008 for and author of the upcoming Mastering VMware vSphere 4.0)
  • Stephen Beaver (author of several books about virtualization since 2005, one of the restless moderators at the VMware VMTN forums)

With such top-notch speakers it’s easy to guess that the expectations for the agenda are probably very high. Hopefully we’ll not disappoint you with sessions like:

And just to be sure that there’s will be some fireworks at the end of each conference day, we have three panels with bright and competitive minds moderated by an uncomfortable host: me, Alessandro Perilli.

See you in a week in Las Vegas!