Release: Lanamark Desktop Analysis Pack 1.0

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Last week the Canadian startup Lanamark launched a new module for its hosted capacity planning service.

The new component, dubbed Desktop Analysis Pack, is specifically tailored to perform a capacity planning of VDI environment.

It does some very interesting things like recognizing if a target computer is a laptop or a workstation (this way it recognizes the mobile users), recognizing which applications are really used and which ones are just installed, recognizing if there are hardware constrains like monitors, printers, scanners.

LanamarkStudioDesktopAnalysisPack The Lanamark competitors (like VMware, PlateSpin and CiRBA) are completely focused on servers, so this may be a first in the industry.

It’s hard to tell if the hosted model that Lanamark is using will pay off but for sure this company has some numbers.