Citrix XenWorkstation not here yet, but its open source code is

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In early March broke the news that Citrix was about to release a hosted version (aka type-2 virtual machine monitor) of of XenServer, called XenWorkstation, that could compete with VMware Workstation, Parallels Workstation, Microsoft Virtual PC, VirtualBox and so on.

There are good reasons for Citrix to do so, and the impressive number of visits we received on that article confirms a great interest about such product.

XenWorkstation was not launched the week of March 9 as we speculated.
While some people (including ones that claim to be Citrix employees) reported that this product doesn’t exist, our sources tells us that Citrix decided to postpone its launch.

True or not ( long time readers know that our sources are very reliable), Citrix just released to the Xen community the open source code of a type-2 VMM version of Xen, currently called KXen.

The virtualization platform supports Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 (all 32bit) as host OSes.
64bit of these Windows versions will be supported soon, as well as Mac OS X.

Please note that the KXen code is a snapshot of the Xen code base used in XenServer today.
Future versions of this product will be based on Xen 3.4 and following.

The code is available here: Windows version / Linux version.