Release: Veeam Reporter 3.5 Enterprise

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In October 2008 Veeam extended the capabilities of its Reporter tool by launching a new Enterprise edition.
The main difference between the standard edition and this one is that the latter has a specific focus on reporting the changes happening in large-scale virtual infrastructures.

This week Veeam releases the version 3.5 of this new Enterprise edition and introduces a couple of most-wanted capabilities:

  • Support for Microsoft PowerShell
    a new Veeam PowerShell Extension allows to run custom queries against Virtual Infrastructure data gathered by Reporter Enterprise 3.5 and get details about the current state or earlier points in time.
  • Support for custom reports
    Custom templates for your Raw Data Analysis reports can be created by including any custom branding or even custom reports to meet your daily reporting requirements.

The new 3.5 version also extends the number of predefined reports and collects additional data about the networking layer.