PHD Technologies gets a new logo and free tools, loses its CEO

phd logo

In August 2008 PHD Technologies secured an undisclosed amount of money from an unnamed venture capital firm.
It used part of that money to rebuild its management team (a new CEO, a new EVP of Worldwide Sales, a new Executive Chairman) and to acquire the software products developed by Xtravirt.

The CEO, Sridhar Murthy, seems already gone but at least PHD Technologies relaunched its brand and released the Xtravirt products as free tools.

Under the new name of PHD Virtual Technologies (even if the logo just says PHD Virtual), the company launches today:

  • VMNetBac 1.2.0
    VMNetBac allows customers to backup and restore the network configuration of a virtual machine. VMNetBac is a quick recovery tool to minimize the risk of losing network configurations when intrusive or mass-upgrade type tasks are performed.
  • Virtual SAN 1.0.0
    This Virtual SAN appliance for VMware ESX 3 Server provides the benefits of shared VMFS storage without the cost of a SAN. It utilizes, otherwise unused, local storage in the ESX server to facilitate enterprise-level features such as vMotion, DRS and HA.
  • SnapHunter 0.5.3
    SnapHunter is an ESX 3 Service Console utility which reports back on the Snapshot status of virtual machines from multiple ESX Servers.
  • KS QuickConfig 1.3.0
    KS QuickConfig is a Windows GUI utility that reduces the time needed to deploy and configure VMware ESX 3 servers, and to eliminate inconsistencies that can arise with manual operations.

The Virtualization Industry Radar has been updated accordingly.