Microsoft launches a Dynamic Data Center Tool Kit for hosting providers

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While VMware is working hard to recruit the hosting providers of tomorrow, tempting them to jump on the the cloud computing bandwagon with its upcoming vCloud APIs, Microsoft continues to focus on the hosting providers of today.

As highlighted several times, Microsoft is focusing its Hyper-V adoption strategy on this market segment, where VMware is not particularly strong.
It’s not a case that MyHosting, HostBasket, MaximumASP, Layered Technologies and others were the first to testify the adoption of the new hypervisor.
And it’s not a case that Microsoft recently released a specific licensing guide for hosting providers.

Last week, at the Microsoft Hosting Summit 2009, the company released yet another resource for them: the Dynamic Data Center Tool Kit.

The resource will contain guidance, sample code, best practices and additional collateral to build and launch managed services with Hyper-V and System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM).

Everything should appear online at this address (almost empty right now):