VMware grows, HP watches

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Last week virtualization.info published an article titled VMware is becoming an infrastructure management company, suggesting that the virtualization vendor is morphing into something much bigger, getting ready to compete, over the long term, with the big four infrastructure management companies: BMC, CA, IBM and HP.

Peter Spielvogel, Product Marketing Manager of Operations Center at HP, believes that this scenario is worth at least some discussion and mentions the article on the corporate blog.

He’s quick and subtle in remarking that HP current leadership in the infrastructure management depends on the strategy to support physical and virtual servers in the same way, no matter what the vendor is.
But how hard would be for vCenter to manage 3rd party hypervisors and physical servers?

Isn’t true that VMware already offer some interesting and innovative management capabilities for physical servers like Distributed Power Management?
Isn’t true that VMware already offer some basic hardware monitoring capabilities for ESXi hosts through the new Common Information Model (CIM)?